Make It Easy On Yourself

by Midi & The Modern Dance

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yang lean
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yang lean didnt get round to listening to this album for ages after i bought it :0 its really nice, reminds me of ambient stuff.
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    written and recorded in a poolhouse summer of 2009.

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released July 30, 2010

omeed - sings, guitar,
mikey - sings, guitar, rhodes
akbar - bass
jack - sings, drums, mandolin, uke, banjo
adam - sings, accordion
will p - snare drum
will r - smoke drugs, eat chips, general sauce
giselle - sings
dave - recorded, mixed, vocals, uke, bells, banjo, emotional support.



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midi & the modern dance Connecticut

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Track Name: I'm Sorry
What am i now?
when i go to speak

i answered your question
you're on double meanings

but i shouldn't talk
i shouldn't speak
out of turn

i'm out of turn

what you see is what you get
i'm sorry
Track Name: Everything I Touch (Just Falls Apart)
I can be ready
I could be sleezy
I will make money
To make my life easy
But everything i touch, just falls apart

I could give interest
and enchant your darkness
Darling i know, i'm not all that you wanted
the thing that i am could never be enough

The thing that i am

So send me fond wishes
and offer your tidings
Darling i know beer is your way of hiding

the thing that you are
Track Name: Almost a Threat
you're so pretty
you're better of without me
you've got your pride
heaven know i've got mine

where are you now?
we've got to work this out
dont make me cry

i can feel the tension here
i hope we can work it out
and i hope i don't sound immature
when i saw talk it out

why oh why

i think i'm going to drink
i'm never going to stop
and you wont save me dear
because you forgot

why oh why
Track Name: Lucky
you gave away your clothes
a boy you hardly know
how is that alright

you gave away those fears
for a couple beers
a cold dark midnight

you're so lucky you see
you don't make mistakes like me
i'm an urchin disgrace
with an ugly face
and as a matter of fact
i cant have love like that
all i want is a pack
of that cold one we stack

you're doing fine
your life isn't on the line
handing it in on deadlines

you're going far
not because of who you are
but how you look on the front lines

you're so lucky you see
you have allot less then me
you have no burdens to share
you just walk right on air
and at the end of the day
you're happier then me
so ill give what i got
but you'll walk right on top
Track Name: I'm Sure You'll Call
blame it on the weekend
i feel fine to drive
at first we drink whiskey and beer
for the night

i'm sure you'll call

i just want to drink and drown in my own despair
when you're out with my friends
pretending that i'm not there
Track Name: Where Do You Think I Belong?
there are better men out there you see
so many boys more good-looking then me
where do you think i belong, if i don't belong to you

so many boys live effortlessly
there is no ease in living with me
where do you think ill raise my head
if i don't have you to hold

you're the one i behold

so don't you leave
i'm begging you please
dont be scared
someone out there will love you like me

there is a place in my head
where thoughts of you spread
through the cracks in my bed
i wish you were dead
i wish you were dead
Track Name: Reprise
stay with me
long enough, so ill change anything
though nothing seems to turn out right with me
but that's not news to you

i was young you see
stupid enough to do anything
and the people i know
they don't mean a thing to me
but they do to you

so when you leave me
dont look me in the eye
when you leave me
dont try and act surprised
because you've left me before

i want to rip you to shreds and tear you apart
(i'm sorry)
i want to break all the pieces of your little heart
(i'm sorry)
i want to tear your sweet voice out of my head
and forget all the nice things that you ever said
was i love you, what you really meant?

i'm so sorry